41 Most Profitable Things To Rent Out For Extra Money

Most Profitable Things To Rent Out For Extra Money

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One can easily make some extra cash by renting things that they own. You’ll be surprised to learn that you have a variety of things to rent out that you never considered earlier.


A lot of people search for things to rent on sites like Craigslist, but think about how many alternatives there are to that site alone.

There are a lot of pieces of equipment that you own or gadgets that are usually collecting dust in your home that you can rent out to people for money. Some of these include camping equipment, exercise equipment, musical instruments, and even things like a washing machine and dryer

Here are our top ideas for making money renting out things.

1. Renting Furniture

Renting Furniture
Renting Furniture

If you have a lot of furniture, you can rent the furniture to someone. Make sure you photograph and describe all of the details of the furniture you are renting before you put it up. You could get people to rent furniture for a storage facility long-term or you could make a good profit from short-term rentals on sites like Airbnb.

Many people need temporary living solutions like couches and beds for house guests or kids, being temporarily displaced from home while remodeling or painting the house, so charging $20-$25 dollars per night for renting out furniture could earn you some extra money.

2. Rent Accessories

Do you have old accessories lying around in your closet that you don’t wear anymore? You can rent accessories such as bags, shoes, or hats to people who need to add to their wardrobes for a small fee.

You can either rent the items yourself for a one-time event or you could get together with some of your friends and rent the accessories together at a pop-up shop or fashion show in your local mall.

Another way you could make this happen is to rent the accessories for a photo shoot or event. When you charge for each accessory, you could potentially earn a nice amount in just one night.

3. Electronics

Do you have old electronics lying around your home that you don’t use anymore? Things like phones, cameras, and tablets are all items that are likely to still be in decent condition and could be rented out for cash.

Most new smartphones, especially the iPhone models, can hold their value quite well by renting them online and at pawn shops. Old laptops and computers are also good candidates for renting online.

4. Car

Renting your car out like Uber is an easy way to make some extra side money that doesn’t require much work on your part. This is a great way to make some extra side cash during the slow seasons of the year when you aren’t using your car as much as usual.

You can rent your car by the hour or you can even rent out your car for Uber or Lyft rides to earn extra money. Turo is also a great place to rent your vehicle

Many people either don’t have the money to buy their own cars or can’t afford to buy a new car, so by renting out your car to them, you could earn some extra cash that could make a nice difference to your bank account.

5. Renting Bicycles

Renting Bicycles
Renting Bicycles

It’s common for people to rent bicycles at parks or on trails for a trip to a state park or for a nice afternoon bike ride around town or in a park, but it’s also possible to rent bicycles to people for events.

You can charge a small fee or a flat fee for renting out bicycles at weddings, music festivals, or other events where people need access to bicycles to get around. You can also rent out bicycles for one-time events like races or training rides.

In fact, when it comes to renting bicycles, you really have a wide range of options and could easily make a few hundred dollars a month by renting bicycles to people who need them.

6. Mopeds

If you have an old moped that you aren’t using anymore, you can rent it out for a few extra bucks a day for people that don’t have access to a moped of their own or are looking to travel for a short distance around a city at a low cost.

Some even rent out mopeds as delivery vehicles or as ways to get around cities that are too small for cars or other types of transportation like taxis and buses.

7. Motorcycles

You can rent your motorcycle out for usage on short trips or for events where people need transportation for short distances like a party.

You could charge a flat fee or you could take advantage of sites like Rider Share to rent out a motorcycle for long-term rentals as well. This could make a nice profit for you throughout the year and it could even pay for itself due to its long-term nature.

8. A Room

A Room in your home. Many people need a place to stay for a short amount of time while they’re away from home and don’t have a place to stay nearby.

You could rent out a spare room in your house for short-term stays or you could rent out your entire home as a vacation rental on sites like Airbnb.

If you’re willing to rent out your whole home as a vacation rental, you could make a nice profit by renting out your home for events like weddings or for vacations when you need it to be vacant.

If you have nice furniture and decorations in your home, you could even get a “premium” price on websites like Airbnb or HomeAway by charging for extras like fresh flowers on the table or a nice bottle of wine on the dinner table for your guests.

9. Storage Space

If you have a storage unit that you aren’t using anymore, you could rent it out to people who need a place to store their things during renovations or while they’re moving from one place to another.

Storage space can make a nice profit of between $100-$300 per month depending on how much space you have available and how many people are interested in renting the space from you. You can rent out your storage unit on sites like SpareFoot or on Craigslist as well.

10. Camera Gear

Camera Gear
Camera Gear

If you are a photographer or videographer, you probably have a lot of camera equipment you have lying around your house that you don’t use anymore but that still is in decent shape.

You can rent out your gear to people who are just starting out in photography or people who want to try out light equipment before committing to buying it for themselves.

You can rent out things like lenses, tripods, cases for clipboards, lighting gear, studio space, and more. For one-time events like photo shoots or events where taking photos of people is involved, if you rent out your equipment on sites and at events like these, you can make a nice profit that could make your monthly expenses much easier to handle.

11. Camera

If you have a nice camera that you aren’t using anymore, you could rent them out for a one-time event like someone’s wedding or photo shoot to earn a nice profit for a one-time event.

You could even rent out your camera for photography workshops or for photo walks where people sign up for the opportunity to try different lenses out and learn to use each camera lens effectively.

12. Jeeps And ATVs For Rent

If you have a nice Jeep or ATV that is idle, you can make some extra money renting it out for events or just for people who need transportation to a remote location or just need a way to get around in their town for a short distance for a good price.

You can charge by the hour or you could charge a flat fee to cover the gas that you use for the trip. ATVs are expensive and aren’t typically cheap to own, so if your car isn’t being used enough throughout the year, renting it out could make a nice difference in your bank account.

13. Renting Your Home

Renting your home or apartment on Airbnb, If your apartment or home is situated in a way that allows quick access to nice attractions in your city or is in a nice area with a lot of tourists who tend to visit your city, you could make a nice profit by renting out your apartment or home to cover the costs of your apartment or home.

You could either rent your entire apartment or home to someone for short stays or you could rent out a single room in your home to people who need a place to stay for a few days or a few weeks while they travel or are away from home.

Airbnb charges a small fee to cover their costs and then you keep the rest of their profit. Some places even have restrictions on when you can rent your home out and how it can be rented out, so it’s important to check the laws in your area before you start renting out your home and apartment.

14. Renting Your Garage

If you have a garage or carport that is not in use, you can rent it out to people for storage or to people who need a place to park their cars, trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles for several weeks or months at a time.

A garage or carport can also make a great storage space if you need a little extra space to store things like vacation equipment, camping gear, or bikes during the winter.

A garage or carport could also make a great workshop or studio for artists or woodworkers who need a place to store their tools or their materials while they work on their crafts, hobbies, or side projects, especially if they need more space to store or work on their projects than they have available.

15. Sports Equipment

Sporting goods stores rent everything from basketball hoops to ski equipment to golf clubs and fishing gear to people to use for their recreation or for special events like parties or weddings.

If you have sports equipment you aren’t using anymore, you can rent it out to people for events, sporting events, or parties to earn a nice profit. Some places even provide delivery services for sporting goods rentals which have the potential to earn you a nice profit.

16. Renting Clothes

If you own a lot of nice clothes which now are not in use anymore, you can rent them out to people for parties or special events to earn a nice profit.

You can rent out your nice clothes to people who have special events coming up like a wedding dress or party formal. You can also rent out your clothes to people who need nice clothes for a one-time event like a photo shoot or special events like a fashion show or a costume party.

Renting designer clothes can be done on sites like Rent the Runway for events like theatrical performances where you charge per use for your clothing.

17. Rent Fashion Bags and Purses

If you own a lot of nice handbags and other fashion accessories that aren’t in use anymore, you can rent them out to people for special occasions to earn a nice profit.

You can choose to charge an hourly rate for handbag rentals or you could charge a flat fee depending on the quality of the bag or purse and how long you have it rented out. You could also choose to offer discounts to repeat customers or even offer discounts for booking multiple bags or purses at the same time.

Renting out fashion accessories could be a great way to earn a decent side income or you could even turn your fashion accessory rental business into a full-time occupation if you had enough in-demand handbags or purses to offer.

18. Shoe Rental

Do you have a lot of nice shoes that aren’t being used anymore and which are still in decent shape, you could rent them to people for special occasions to earn a nice profit.

Shoes are expensive to buy and not a lot of women or men can afford their own collection. By renting your shoes out, you can help others get good quality shoes at a minimal price. Keep in mind, that renting women’s shoes may not be a good idea or profitable for everyone because some women may not own a lot of nice shoes yet and may not want to pay a lot of money for shoe rentals.

19. Renting Car Advertising Space

If you drive around a lot in your vehicle for work, errands, or travel, you could earn a nice side income by renting your car out in exchange for advertising space on your vehicle to companies or individuals who have products or services to promote.

Some companies have custom car wraps that they use to advertise their business or products on vehicles as they go around town or travel around.

Companies that want this service often pay very well and offer competitive advertising rates, so you can get a good return for your ad space. Be aware that some companies will request that you sign a one or two-year lease with them for your ad space, so make sure you know what the contract will be before signing one with anyone.

20. Renting Boat

Renting Boat
Renting Boat

If you are a boat owner then, you can rent it out to people who need a boat for special events like a wedding.

In addition, you can rent your boat to people for recreational purposes like fishing or weekend trips. You could also rent your boat out to people for advertising purposes that can earn you a nice profit as well. Some companies pay very good for boat wrapping services to promote their business or products

You can use platforms like Boatbound.com to find interested people looking to rent your boat. The rates for renting your boat depend on many factors including the size of your boat, its condition, and how long you have it rented out.

21. Rent RV

Renting your RV to people who need a vehicle to travel to scenic locations can be a great way to earn a good side income or a good full-time income.

Some RV owners choose to sell their vehicles after just a year or two of ownership while others decide to keep their vehicles for much longer so that they can continue to earn a good profit by renting out their vehicles to people who need a vehicle to travel.

Most RVs are quite expensive and you might not want to own one yourself just so they can make money renting it out. There are many places to rent your RV like Outdoorsy.com or RV Share where you can find interested people looking for reasonable RV rentals with good reviews.

22. Jet Ski For Rent

You can earn back your money spent on Jet Ski just by renting it out to people who need to have fun on the water. If you have no experience operating a Jet Ski then you could get someone to help you operate the Jet Ski or you could hire an expert to help you operate it while you rent it to people.

Jet Skis can be rented at lakes, and beaches for very reasonable prices. You can also find people interested in renting them online or you also can advertise your Jet Ski for rent for very reasonable prices online and offline.

23. Surfboards

You can rent your surfboard including all the gear for a great price. Renting a surfboard is a great way for newcomers to join the sport of surfing, try it out for a long time, and not spend a lot of money on expensive equipment.

Surfboards will also generally last longer than other types of water sports equipment like skis and wave boards which may need to be replaced every few years. Renting surfboards to people who are new to the sport is a fun way to get people to enjoy. You can offer your surfboards for rent at a good price on any popular beach near you.

24. Renting Music Instruments

Renting musical instruments can be a great way to make a little extra cash on the side or to make a nice side income. If you have a musical instrument you no longer use then you could rent it out to people who are in need of an instrument for their band or private lessons.

Most band directors or teachers often have students that need to rent instruments for their classes so your chances of having a successful rental business are good.

Renting them online on sites like musiccart.com can be a great way to increase your exposure with a broad audience and to find interested people looking to rent a music instrument. Check on other sites to find people looking to rent musical instruments in your area to maximize your earnings potential.

25. Renting Toys

Renting Toys
Renting Toys

Playing with toys can be great fun for children and adults alike. Toys are something that kids like to possess and cherish for a long time. However, over a period of time the toys tend to get lost or forgotten in a corner of the house or garage and they are not used anymore after a period of time.

You can rent out the toys that you have accumulated over the years and make some money out of it as well. You can rent out the toys to kids who’re having a birthday party or to kids who have lots of cousins and friends around who would want to play with the toys at the same time.

Similarly, if you have a lot of toys in your garage or attic that your kids have outgrown and you aren’t willing to part with them just yet, consider renting them out to other parents for a while.

There are websites like fatllama.com where you can post your toys for free and charge a rental fee for interested parents to use. This is a good way to earn extra money as many of these sites provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services as well.

26. Party Supplies For Rent

Party supplies can be very expensive to buy if you don’t have a good budget to purchase them regularly. Renting out party supplies is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side as you get to earn money while having to do very little work.

This can be a great plan for people who are newly married, or who have just moved to a new city or state and aren’t sure if they are going to be able to afford a lot of party supplies for their parties or events in the future.

27. Fishing Gear

Many anglers love to go fishing but don’t have the money to buy their own gear to get started or they don’t like carrying a lot of gear with them when going fishing. You could rent fishing gear to people who want to start fishing or to people who want to test these fishing gears first.

You can rent out fishing rods, lures, hooks, etc to interested people for a reasonable fee and earn a nice profit as well. Fishing gear rentals can be a profitable side business if you have the necessary fishing gear to rent out and acquainted yourself with the business and know the details of how to go about renting them successfully.

28. Board Games For Rent

Board games can be a fun activity for people of all ages to enjoy and are something many gamers love collecting as a hobby. However, after a period of time, the board games tend to get forgotten in a closet or a garage and are no longer used after a period of time.

You can rent board games to people who want to try new games and maybe have been out of the game for a while to give them a reason to go back to playing board games. You can rent board games at places like board game shops in your area to make extra income on the side.

29. Gardening Space

If you have a large yard or garden space, you can easily rent out the space to neighbors or friends. This is a great way to make some extra cash without taking on too much work yourself.

You can charge people a smaller amount for gardening services than you could for mowing the lawn. If you charge $25 a month for gardening services, you can earn $300 a year simply by renting out the space to neighbors or friends instead of working it yourself.

30. Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are machines that sew fabric and other materials together to make clothes and other sewn items as well as upholstery and curtains and similar items for the home.

Sewing machines are very useful for many household tasks but can sometimes take up a lot of space and money to purchase. You can rent a sewing machine to people who are interested in sewing but don’t want to make a big investment by purchasing one.

There are many people who rent sewing machines on a regular basis to save money on buying one for themselves. You can rent your sewing machine to people for a reasonable monthly fee and keep making money off of it.

31. Advertising Space

Advertising is a way for businesses to promote themselves to the public and to increase awareness about their businesses or what they have to offer. Businesses are well known for spending large sums of money on advertising to increase their sales and earn more money.

You can rent empty or open spaces to businesses for a reasonable fee. Advertising spaces like billboards or wall space in shopping malls, websites you own, outdoor signs, etc, can be rented to businesses for a fee.

But Like all other side businesses, you will need to advertise your advertising space for rent to generate as much interest as possible and find people who want to rent the space from you.

32. Renting Your Friendship

Renting out your friendship for money may sound weird but its something that’s easy to do. Many times someone needs a friend even if it is not a real one.

Renting a friend is becoming popular in big cities like San Francisco, New York etc, where one can feel isolated or lonely. This can also help in relieving stress as you can share some of your thoughts with your friend. If they are having a bad day, consider renting out your friendship to someone in need.

There are many sites where you can rent out your friendship to people like Rentafriend. You can make a good amount of money by doing this, charging a reasonable fee, and helping out people in need at the same time.

33. Video Games

Video game players are always looking for something new to play and will often rent games out instead of purchasing new ones. Many video games can be rented out for a few dollars a day so you can make money by renting out games for your friends or relatives.

Games like Halo or Call of Duty are really fun but cost hundreds of dollars combined to buy. You can avoid this cost by renting these video games for a few dollars a day to your friends or relatives who are into gaming. Several video game rental stores offer this service and you can find them on the internet as well.

34. Rent Textbooks

Renting books is a great way to earn some extra money in college and avoid the hefty costs of buying new books every year. If you’ve read all your books and don’t want to sell them back, you can rent them back on sites like Chegg or BookRenter and make money by renting them out after you are done with them.

You can also sell or rent used textbooks on eBay or Amazon and make money that way as well. This can be very lucrative if you have a lot of books to sell or rent, make sure your books are in good condition. Just ensure to list the book with correct information so that buyers can easily locate it and rent it from you.

35. Office Space

Renting out office space can be lucrative. If you have extra space in your office that you’re not using, consider renting it out as a part-time or full-time office to freelancers or small businesses looking for temporary space to work from. You could charge $100 per month per desk or rent the entire space for $1,000+ per month.

Renting out space to small businesses can even lead to long-term business relationships as they may later decide to buy or lease their own space from your company.

36. Event Space

You can rent empty spaces which you own for parties and other events. If you’ve got space outside your home, you can easily rent out the space to other partygoers and make some money on the side.

For example, you can turn your spare bedroom into a short-term vacation rental. It’s easy to make a bit of extra cash this way.

37. Diving Gear

Scuba diving is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the ocean. Scuba diving gear is a significant investment however many people prefer to rent it rather than buy it outright. There are several different types of diving gear that a person can rent out for extra money and you can earn a lot of extra money from renting the equipment out.

For example, Masks are one of the most important parts of a scuba diver. They prevent air from escaping from the mouth and nose when underwater and ensure a diver’s face remains dry while diving. A mask that is in excellent condition and fits well can rent for upwards of $100.

38. Rent Moving Gear

At all times you will find someone who is moving or shifting homes, renting moving gear can be a great way to make money on the side. For example, you can rent out moving boxes or moving equipment like dollies and hand trucks.

You can list your products on sites like Craigslist or Offer Up and help people handle their moves with ease and for a fair price.

39. Rock Climbing Gear

Rock climbing gear is not cheap, and most people can’t afford to buy all the equipment they need to get started. You can rent rock climbing gear and accessories like harnesses and shoes to start climbing right away.

Rock climbing is a great way to get exercise and stay fit, and you can rent the gear one needs to get started for a fraction of what it would cost to buy everything new.

You can rent your rock climbing gear on craigslist or at rock climbing services in your area. Some gyms may also allow you to rent out gear there and if you work out at one, you may want to suggest this as a business that the gym could potentially start.

40. Renting Your Kitchen

Do you have a great kitchen? Many people don’t because they only use the kitchen to prepare meals for themselves and their families.

However, if you have a large kitchen with lots of cabinets and countertop space, you can turn it into a profitable business by renting it out to caterers and chefs who need the space to prepare food for events they’re hosting.

You can charge them a fee for each day they need your kitchen for their business, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning it or finding different renters. You can make a good profit by renting your kitchen to people who need good cooking space but don’t want to deal with any inconvenience.

41. Catering Equipment

Catering equipment can be rented in large quantities at relatively low prices. The products used for catering include plates, cutlery, glassware, chafing dishes, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and more.

So if you own any of these items, consider renting them out for extra cash for weddings and other events! You can place an ad on Craigslist and list the products you have available for rent.

Final Thoughts

Renting out things can surely be a nice way of generating passive income currently, with the help of the internet you can rent almost anything from a bike to your house on daily basis and make some great money in the process.

This is a fantastic side hustle and you can easily turn the hustle into a full-time business if you have enough resources to start up a business and you don’t really have to spend too much time managing the business from day-to-day.

Hopefully, you liked the above list, and let me know your thoughts in the comments section which is the best one for you.

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