28 Best Passive Income Ideas For Newbies To Grow Your Wealth

28 Best Passive Income Ideas For Newbies To Grow Your Wealth

If you’re new to the passive income niche, it’s essential that you understand how it can benefit anyone hoping to earn more income without doing much. If done right, this challenging niche can lead to bountiful profits and a lifetime of financial stability.

Here, we offer the best passive income ideas for the new investor in Passive Income Ideas For Newbies: what it takes, how to start, and what passive income is .

Passive income is earning income without actively working for it.For example, if you earn $100 per month in passive income, you don’t have to put any effort into receiving your money.

In contrast, active income means you must invest time and effort to generate revenue. Active income can include freelance writing gigs, consulting projects, or selling digital products like eBooks or online courses.

In short, passive income is money you earn while you don’t have to do anything to get it

Here we will show you and list the Best Passive Income Ideas For Newbies To Grow Wealth

1. Invest in Stocks That Pay Dividends.

Invest in Stocks That Pay Dividends
Invest in Stocks That Pay Dividends

Stocks are volatile investments, but those fluctuations can create huge profits in the long run. Stocks are valued based on their earnings potential, so as they increase in value, your dividends will rise as well. The best stocks to buy are those that pay dividends.

Dividend stocks are reliable investments, and you can increase your wealth by investing in stocks that pay dividends. The best dividend stocks to buy are those that pay high dividends. For example, a dividend stock with a yield of 5% per share can be considered “high.” For example, a dividend stock with a yield of 1% per share can be considered to be “low.”

To earn dividends on your shares, you need to buy stock.

2. Real Estate Investing

Buying real estate is one of the most profitable passive income ideas. Real estate investments are traditionally a long-term play, and an average return on investment is between 6% and 8% per year. However, the returns are often higher for properties that are in wealthy areas. Investments in commercial properties can also generate a 6% to 7% annual return.

Investing in real estate can also earn you tax breaks. When you rent out a property and your tenant pays you rent, you can write off that sum as a tax deduction. In addition, if you flip a house and sell it for more than you invested, you’ll also earn capital gains, which can be tax deductible as well.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to invest in real estate.

3. Peer-to-Peer Lending

 P2P lending is an industry that’s rapidly growing, and this investment type has the potential to put you on the path to financial freedom. Peer-to-peer lending is a type of investment where individuals and businesses lend money to individuals or businesses.

When you invest in a P2P lending platform, your money is invested in an individual or business who is seeking capital they can use to purchase an asset, like a house or a car, or to finance a business project. The interest rates offered by P2P lending websites are usually low when compared to traditional investment opportunities, like savings accounts or CDs.

Investing in P2P lending has the potential to get you high returns passively while keeping your money safe.

4. Become An Investor

Invest in small start ups, build your portfolio, and diversify your investments

Investing in buinesses start-ups is a great way to earn some passive income, but it can be a challenge. Investing in a start-up business requires patience, a lot of research, and a lot of know-how.   This means that you will have to learn all the ins and outs about the company you’re investing in.  Once you’re comfortable investing in a start-up, you can choose one to invest in and invest your funds.

Investing as little as $1,000 in a start-up has the potential to earn you high returns, but the potential returns will vary depending on the success of the start-up.

5. Open Savings Account With High Interest

Deposit your money into a high-interest savings account and start earning dividend income. Bank accounts that pay high interest can be great ways to increase passive income.

Look for a savings account that offers high interest rates and offers a wide range of different benefits, such as no-fee access to your cash in emergencies, flexible minimum balance requirements, and ATM cards.

Opening  an account with an online bank, as opposed to a full-service bank, may be your best bet for receiving high dividends because online banks offer better interest rates than full-service banks.

6. Make an Ebook

Creating an ebook that people will want to read is an excellent way to earn passive income. Creating a book, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, isn’t that hard or expensive. If you have a story to tell, others probably do too. You can turn that into a book.  Just start writing, and as you write, slow things down so people have time to read.

People love ebooks because they’re easy to read and affordable.  You can sell ebooks on Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore, Nook, and other ebook retailers.  You can also sell your book on your website or on Amazon.  Bonus tip:  Create a professional book cover by hiring a graphic artist to make the book stand out.

7. Start a Blog and Earn Passive Income

Start a Blog and Earn Passive Income
Start a Blog and Earn Passive Income

Think of your blog as a conduit to advance your knowledge of your niche and to make money in the process. Blog topics fall into three categories: information, entertainment, and promotions.

Information blogs can educate people about a variety of topics, such as computer programming, painting, fitness, playing guitar, or baking bread.

Entertainment blogs can educate people about entertainment issues, such as movie reviews, music reviews, or technology reviews.

Promotions blogs can be more controversial, with topics ranging from politics (for example, progressive or conservative) to religion.

Bonus tip: If your blog becomes a hit, you can monetize it by selling ad space to advertisers.

8. Make Your Own Course

 Did you know that there are thousands of people on the internet who are looking for helpful resources? If you’re an educator or an expert in a particular area, you can create a course that teaches other people what you know. You can share a story about your journey, relay tips that other people might struggle to learn on their own, or offer recommendations for how to do something. 

You can teach practically anything you want – whether it’s how to cook dinner, how to take better photographs, or how to lose weight.  Best of all? You don’t have to charge for your course. You can offer it for free or charge a small amount – a very small amount! – for the content.  Create a course on any topic that you’re passionate about or that you’d like others to learn more about. 

9. Start A YouTube Channel

Start A YouTube Channel
Start A YouTube Channel

 As a YouTuber, you’ll be able to reach millions of people worldwide. You’ll use videos to teach people how to solve their problems. YouTube is a great way to make money, but it’s not the only way. Some creators use YouTube as their main source of income, while others use the site to supplement their income. The more people watch your videos , the more revenue you’ll make.

To start a youtube channel   all you need is a cell phone, a computer, and an internet connection. To monetize your youtube videos, you would need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers.

10. Flipping Domains

Flipping Domains is a great way to build passive income online. You register a domain for a price, and when someone buys it from you, you sell it to them for a higher price. Flipping domains is a lot like flipping houses. You find a deal on a house that you want, buy it, fix it up, and then sell it for a profit. The same is true with domains.

 One can flip domains on sites like Flippa or Sedo, but the best platforms for flipping domains are private marketplaces. If you sell a $100 domain for $200, you’ve made a $100 profit.

11. Drive For Uber

Driving for Uber or Lyft is a lot of fun! It involves driving people around in cars, and it will make you money in the process. Driving for Uber or Lyft offers great potential to make passive income.

One driver who drives for Uber or Lyft told Business Insider that he makes about $5000 a month. To drive for Uber or Lyft, you need to have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and have a car that’s in acceptable condition. You also need to be able to pass a background check and the company’s screening process.

12. Selling Stock Photos

Stock photos are images that are purchased for a license fee by businesses, corporations, and individuals. An image license allows the buyer to use an image as many times as possible on all of their marketing material.

Stock photos are sold to buyers based on demand, not by trading for a commodity.  For example, a buyer could purchase a stock photo of two women working at a computer in an office setting. This could be used on the cover of a computer magazine, on a website, and on a sales flyer. The buyer would then have exclusive rights to use the stock photo as many times as they want.

13. Podcasting


 Podcasts have grown in popularity as the internet makes audio content more accessible. Podcasting is a cost-effective way for brands to reach consumers. Most podcasts are hosted by an individual, but they can also be produced as a show or series of shows. 

Some brands have podcasts that discuss issues that are important to their audience. This might include politics, entertainment, or news. It is possible to podcast on iTunes and other platforms, but often some brands are more interested in growing their podcasts on their own website.

When your Podcasts become popular you can earn by doing sponsored advertisements.

14. Selling Printables

 People love receiving and printing out printables. People love printables because there are so many useful items that you can print out. It’s a fun way to interact with people, and to get your brand in front of them.

You can print out things like coupons, business cards, and postcards. Printables are practical items, and it gives you the chance to show off your brand’s personality. You can come up with fun twists on the printables that are tailored to your brand’s target audience.

You can earn  some money by creating printable items such as coupons and business cards. If you wanted to start earning money by doing printables, you would first have to come up with creative designs and themes.

15. Deliver Using Instacart

 Amazon’s delivery service, Instacart, offers businesses the chance to deliver groceries and other products to customers’ homes. Businesses selling other kinds of products can also deliver those to the customers’ homes using the service.

Businesses can schedule deliveries using Instacart’s website. Businesses can use Instacart to deliver items to several customers, or they can choose to deliver to just one customer at a time. Businesses provide Instacart with an address, and they can then choose a time to deliver items.

By delivering you can earn somewhere between $15-$20 per delivery

16. Start Dropshipping

Earning passive income is highly possible by dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business model that allows individuals and businesses to sell items online without actually handling the items themselves.

Dropshipping businesses make purchases from wholesalers or manufacturers at wholesale prices, and they then sell the items at retail prices.

Put you effort in marketing your dropping shipping site and also your profit margins, doing this you will earn monthly passive income from selling products online.

17. Deliver using Postmates

You can earn from postmates by delivering items that has been ordered online, it’s that simple!

You can work  whenever you want and at any location of your choice.  Postmates also offers bonuses to increase your earnings.  They pay you every week.

Delivery using Postmates is simple and will give you extra income.

18. Earn by Playing Video Games

Earn by Playing Video Games
Earn by Playing Video Games

Playing video games is an activity that everyone loves, and also made to earn!.  You can earn money playing your favorite video games.

There are many gaming sites online where you can play your games and earn in return. Some sites offer good prizes too. Gaming sites like Gamesville pay weekly.  This is lucrative passive income for newbie gamers who can earn extra money by playing games.

19. Renting Possessions

Renting out possessions like clothes, tools, cars and appliances is a handy way to earn passive income. You can rent almost any possession online.  There are sites like RentoMillionaire that help you find people who want to rent your stuff.

There are sites like Airbnb to rent your house or apartment to visitors and earn extra money.

There are sites like turo where you can rent your car or bike to tourists for a fee and in the process create  passive income. 

20. Create Audiobooks

  Audiobooks allow you to earn money without putting in a lot of effort. Audiobooks can be created and sold on sites like Audible and iTunes. You can also compile your collection of readings and sell it as a audiobook.

Audiobooks get read by professional actors, and can be personalized for different types of audiences. Audiobooks can reach millions of people worldwide, and they have the potential to make you a lot of money.

Audiobooks have the potential to be incredibly lucrative, but the benefits of creating audiobooks won’t be realized until you put your effort into creating them.

21. Be A Social Media Influencer

 Think about all of the big names on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Many of those people started from humble beginnings and built their following by influencing their audience.  It is easier than ever to become a social media influencer, but in order to prosper you need to create content that is resonating with your audience. 

Once you get the following you can make lots of money by  partnering with brands or even monetizing your following by selling products directly to your audience.

22. Earn from Vending Machine

Vending machines have become a more popular form of business in the modern era. Businesses are realizing the benefits of getting their products in the hands of consumers by placing these vending machines in stores.

You can earn  by renting out vending machines to folks that need them and then collecting a percentage of the money that comes out of the machine.

You can also place your vending machines in multiple locations  to make even more money.

23. Sell on ETSY

This platform is for artists who are looking to sell most of their work online. It helps them make a lot of extra money because all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Create a store on ETSY  where you can sell all of your artwork. You can offer your products in a lot of different ways, including made-to-order items, digital downloads or physical products.

Sell your artwork on Etsy and make an incredible income by selling your amazing work.

24. Trade in Cryptocurrencies

Trade in Cryptocurrencies
Trade in Cryptocurrencies

There are infinite amounts of cryptocurrencies people are constantly trading. Whether you want to invest in Bitcoin or you want to get started with , there’s no shortage of opportunity. Just know that the price fluctuations can be incredibly volatile, you could lose a lot of money or make  lot of money.

Cryptocurrencies offer a great opportunity to earn passive income,  you can use trade exchanges like binance to start trading in cryptocurrencies.

25. Getting Online Discounts

Using cashbck apps, it’s easy and hassle free. They give you amazing discounts and freebies, seeing your old purchases and your everyday shopping.  This is an incredible way to earn passive income and it’s similar to getting paid to shop.

There are many cash back app like; Ebates, Ibotta, Rakuten and ShopKick, which you can download and earn incredible cash bck whenever you shop.

Saving money is also like earning money, so make sure that you take advantage of amazing cash back apps.

26. Paid Surveys Online

 Paid surveys are a popular way to earn passive income. Many companies use the data from these surveys to decide their future product and hiring decisions.  To earn money through online surveys, you have to participate in a marketing research company’s survey. These companies will offer cash in exchange for the information you provide.

You can do paid surveys from sites like; Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, etc. 

The amount of money you can earn for participating in these surveys varies.         

27. Sell On Fiverr

If you think your services are in high demand, then you can earn money by selling them online. Fiverr is a website where people can post their services for others to buy. If you can provide a valuable service, then you can earn some extra money.

Selling your services on Fiverr is also a great way to generate some passive income.  You can sell services like logo design, graphic design, writing, editing, naming ideas, and more. You can offer your services in packages starting at $5. If you don’t want to spend any money on creating a website, you can create a free Fiverr account. You can then create a service page with a description of your services, and post it.

28. Earn From Facebook Pages

On Facebook People all over are making money by creating successful Facebook pages, earning ad revenue, and selling targeted ads. You don’t have to be an internet guru to make money on Facebook, but you do need a visually appealing Facebook page that’s designed to attract visitors.

One of the best ways to make passive income on Facebook is to sell targeted ads to local businesses. When you create a Facebook page, you’ll upload photos or videos of your business or products to the Facebook page, and then you’ll create ads for different businesses who want to promote their brand to your target audience.

Once your facebook page becomes popular you can make a  lot of money from it.


Passive income is a great way to make extra money. Whether you want to earn extra income or start living the lifestyle you desire, passive income can help you achieve both.

Passive income opportunities allow you to make money while you sleep or while you’re away from the computer. The best part about passive income opportunities is that it gains value over time, which means you earn more money over time.

Passive income opportunities are the perfect solution for people who want to earn extra money. Hopefully the above ideas will help you grow your wealth.

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