15 Highest Paying Online Surveys That Paying Instantly

15 Highest Paying Online Surveys That Pay Instantly

If you’re seeking for highest paying online surveys that pay instantly, look no further than these reputable websites. They’re searching for you to complete online surveys in exchange for thousands of dollars. The deeper the survey, the bigger reward you’ll receive. These surveys can be done from the comfort of your own home, and your participation will usually take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete.

Are you looking for legitimate ways to earn money? Are you looking for random online surveys that will pay out instantly? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to sign up for some of the best and highest-paid online survey websites on the Internet. Once you signup,  you’ll be able to immediately complete the surveys that are most convenient for you.

Why do Survey sites pay you money?

 These companies and websites are hungry for consumer opinions. They rely on your honest opinions to develop better and more innovative products. Companies and online businesses need your opinions about their products and services and are willing to pay you for them.

On these sites, you will see various polls and surveys that these companies need consumer feedback on. Once you complete one of these surveys, you will be paid handsomely depending on your answers.

Where to find these surveys?

 There are many sites that are fake, so always start with genuine survey sites.

To find these reputed and genuine survey sites you have come to the right place, here I have collected the best high paying online survey sites. It’s always a good idea to sign up for a few different paid survey sites.

 When you discover the top paying survey sites that perform best for you. Just work on the top three or four highest-paying survey sites and stop wasting your time on others.

Here is the list of Highest Paying Online Surveys That Paying Instantly

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

 Survey Junkie is one of the most famous survey websites. Here you have to complete surveys to earn points which can be used to redeem gift cards. The points can be redeemed for various gift cards like Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and even PayPal payments.

On Survey junkie 1000 points equal to $10. Survey Junkie has one of the highest-paying survey sites where you can earn as much as $10 per survey.   

You can also earn by referring friends to Survey Junkie. You will get 50 points for each friend who refers you to Survey Junkie.  After you have collected enough points you can cash out using Paypal. The minimum threshold to cash out is $10 on Survey Junkie.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another famous online survey website that is considered one of the top and highest paying survey sites. As on most other survey sites, you need some points to get started. You can boost the points by watching videos or taking part in some free online survey activities.

Once you have the required points, you can redeem them for gift cards like Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards, or PayPal payments. Swagbucks offers surveys that are paid in points only and also money rewards. 

The minimum payout to cashout is $5 on Swagbucks.

3. Ysense

 Ysense has been in the survey industry for over ten years now. Members usually get rewarded through the points that they receive for completing surveys. It also offers high-paying surveys to its members and these are rewarded in points.

The minimum amount of points that you can redeem is $1. Ysense members get paid for surveys, watching videos, and completing other tasks. Ysense also has over 250 partners with that you can redeem your points for rewards.  

Redeem the points that you earn for rewards like Amazon gift cards and PayPal payments.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a survey site that pays its members rewards for completing surveys. It also offers to pay for shopping, playing games, and other activities. Members can earn over $30 to $100 just by participating in one survey!

The amount of money that you earn depends on the length and difficulty of the survey that you complete. You can choose to redeem your points for cash via PayPal or gift cards from over 100 popular retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. You can also donate your earnings to charity, get a prepaid Visa card, or donate it to a non-profit organization.

The payout threshold is $30 which you can withdraw from PayPal.

5. Prize Rebel

prize rebel
Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel offers a variety of ways to redeem your points for gift cards and prizes from their extensive catalog. You can choose to redeem your points for coffee cards, Paypal payments, and more. Points are awarded automatically when you complete a survey, and it’s really easy to earn them!

If you want really high-paying surveys, you’ll get them here on Prize Rebel. Most surveys take from 5 minutes to an hour to complete, so you have to be really patient if you want to earn big!

On Prize rebel there are many ways to earn points like completing offers for prizes, participating in surveys, and watching videos. Max out your points and you can redeem them for prizes from their extensive catalog which includes an iPod, Samsung tablets, Playstation 4 consoles, an Xbox One, and plenty more.

Every survey you complete will generate 100 to 1500 points and each video you watch will get you 20 points, where 100 points is equal to $1.

The payout threshold is $5 which can be withdrawn via PayPal.

6. MyPoints Survey

Mypoints is another famous and highest-paying survey website that shows a paid survey option on the homepage. Once you log in to your account, you can get paid to complete online surveys, offers, and polls related to almost every category like travel, shopping, electronics, and many more.

The points or rewards are credited fast every month so you can start earning instantly.

The minimum amount of points needed to redeem a gift card is $1 and the minimum cashout amount is $5.

7. Ipsos Survey

Ipsos is well-known for conducting various online surveys. You can get paid for answering various surveys on various topics, products, brands, and services. Ipsos surveys have a range of topics including technology, entertainment, banking, food and beverages, cars, and many more.

The surveys vary in length from 15 minutes to one hour. The rewards are in the form of points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. 

The minimum payout is $1 for cash and gift cards.

8. Reward Survey

Reward Survey is a market research panel that pays you for taking part in surveys. The company conducts surveys on various topics and products. The topics are from politics to fashion, from travel to finance. 

The surveys take about 10 minutes to complete, and the reward comes in the form of points which can be converted into gift vouchers, cash, or Bitcoin.

The minimum payout is $5 you can cash out via PayPal.

9. Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn is a market research company that rewards you for sharing your opinions with them. Based on the research that you provide them, they will conduct surveys about products, services, or events.

You can participate in their surveys online, or over the phone. The rewards vary depending on the survey that you complete. For example, a survey about a product may reward you with a sample of that particular product.

The minimum payout is $25 which you can withdraw via PayPal. They also offer ign up bonus of $10 which you can cash out.

10. Zap Surveys

 Zap Surveys is a simple survey site that pays you for doing surveys and they pay instantly if you want fast cash. They ask you to take part in short surveys which take about 10 minutes to complete. The rewards vary from survey to survey.

For example, as part of a customer satisfaction survey, you may be asked to give your opinion regarding your most recent interaction with the company. They may also ask you whether you want to receive special offers or discounts in the future.

The rewards come in the form of points which you can redeem for gift cards or cash.

The minimum payout is $25 which you can withdraw via PayPal.

11. OneOpinion

 OneOpinion is one of the longest-running survey sites around. They pay between $5 and $ 25 for your opinion sometimes even more. They make it really clear how much you will get paid ahead of time, before even completing the survey.

Product testing is another way to earn some quick money, and as more people are working from home, testers don’t need to travel at all. You get paid for your opinions on products, such as cleaning products, baby products, and even small appliances which the end to your home.

On One Opinion 1000 points equal $1 and you can redeem once you have 25000 points. As you go higher, you will get more high paying surveys to complete, so you will earn more points.

12. iPoll


iPoll has surveys that pay between $1 and $25 depending on your opinion. The surveys can take less than 5 minutes to complete and you earn points for each survey you complete. After you complete the surveys, you can redeem the points.

There are various ways you can make money on ipoll like product testing, mystery shopping, and survey panels.

Product testing is one of the easiest ways to get your first few dollars. You can submit your opinion about a product in exchange for cash. When you complete a product test survey, you will receive a $5 product tester card. This can be redeemed at stores that carry the product being tested.

Mystery shopping is another type of online survey you can complete. For example, you can complete a mystery shopping survey for an online clothing store. The shopping company will send you to a new store and make a purchase. After your shopping experience is completed, you fill out an online report about the store and the experience you had with it.

13. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the most popular names in the research and survey industry. The company has been active since the late 1990s. Its surveys pay anywhere from $5 to $25. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the BBB Honor Roll.

You earn by signup to become a member. After that, you complete surveys and earn rewards. Vindale Research offers PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and sweepstakes prizes for completing surveys and research work.

The only thing is that you must be 18 or older to complete surveys and the payout threshold is on the higher side which is $50, which you can cash out via PayPal or check. 

14. Toluna

 Toluna is another high-paying online community where you can participate in special polls and surveys on different topics. By joining this community, you can gain “points” and exchange them for gift cards and cash, just like any other survey site. 

You can also earn rewards for writing your opinions and sharing them in the survey. Anyone can join Toluna its completely free and start earning points.

Some surveys can be very long, but you just have to give it your full attention to answer the questions carefully and in return, they will reward you nicely. The payout threshold varies depending on the country.

15. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another renowned high-paying online survey website. You will be rewarded with upto $10+ for each survey you complete here.

Members earn rewards by completing surveys that take less than 10 minutes to complete and answering their questions honestly.  It is advisable to be quick with your responses and answer the questions honestly. 

They pay via PayPal and the minimum payout is $10, where you can withdraw via PayPal or check. Once payment is clear and you can receive your payment instantly


If you are looking around to earn some side money instantly, then you should definitely consider the above list of legit best paid surveys sites. The rewards are decent, and by completing surveys, you literally gain extra knowledge and become more informed, so what’s not to like about it?

So, this was a list of the highest-paying online surveys that pay instantly. You can choose any of the above as your preference. They all pay very well and instantly.

Let us know if you have tried any of these and if you have others that you would recommend to us in the comments.

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