20 Proven Ways on How to Make Money by Blogging

How to Make Money by Blogging

If you want to make job replacing income and want to work online from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world
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Blogging is a great way to make money online. It can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, and blogging as a profession has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. In this article, I will share 20 proven ways how you can start making money blogging today!

1. Write articles or guest blogging for other blogs

This is a great way to make money blogging because it’s relatively easy and pays decently well, depending on your niche. You can find blogging gigs with sites like Problogger as well as individual blog posts available through freelance job listings boards such as Freelancer or Elance (formerly oDesk).

2. Sell Blogging Services.

This is a great way to make money blogging because you’ll be working one on one with clients and can set your own rates. You might offer content marketing for businesses who want to use blogs as part of their overall strategy, but don’t know where to start. Other blogging services could include blogging for the elderly, blogging about health and wellness topics, or blogging as part of a social media campaign.

3. Sell Products on your blog.

One way bloggers have been making money blogging is through affiliate marketing – this means you get paid commissions from recommending other companies’ products within your articles. This can be done using an Amazon Associate account (which is free to start with) or through blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and Livejournal which allow you to insert affiliate links.

4. Sell advertising space on your blog.

This can be done in a variety of ways – for example, by selling banner ads on the sidebar of your site (which is often standard practice), running sponsored posts that are clearly marked as sponsored, or by offering leads to businesses who want to increase their customer reach.

5. Start Consulting Business

Consultation is another option to make money from blogging while also sharing your knowledge.

A consultant, rather than providing services, provide advice and strategies to help their customers become more productive.

There is no initial investment like there is with other business models. On your current blog, you can begin offering consultancy services. All you have to do is develop a website with a form for users to fill out to seek further information.

6. Offer tutorials in exchange for payment

Offer tutorials in exchange for payment (e.g. blogging tutorials, blogging for beginners). This is a great way to make money blogging because you’ll be teaching others how to succeed in their blogging endeavors while also earning an income from your expertise.

7. Sell customized products on your blog

Sell customized products on your blog (e.g. clothing, jewelry, accessories) using services like CafePress and Zazzle which specialize in custom merchandise design with dropshipping options available as well if you don’t want to keep inventory handy yourself.

8. Start blogging about a topic that you’re knowledgeable about

Write about a topic that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about (e.g. blogging, blogging tips) to make blogging an income because of the value your insights will provide readers without having to promote anyone’s products or services all within your content as well when writing blog posts – this is another form of making money blogging because blogging about your area of expertise without having to promote a company’s products or services.

9. Start blogging about your own life

Blog about your own life and use it to make blogging an income because of the insights that people can’t help but connect with – this is another form of making money blogging by using blogging to write about what’s happening in your day while also providing valuable blogging insights that people might not otherwise know about blogging which will make them want to hire you as a blogging consultant.

10. Site Sponsorship

Several advertisers are not really satisfied with just a banner ad or a sponsored article; they want much more. A site sponsorship is when an advertiser has complete control over your website (advertising exclusivity). This could include banner adverts, mentions in your pop-up, and their emblem on your blog banner, among other things.

11. Selling Templates

A solid template could save both time and money for your readers. Templates can be used in practically any industry: Service professionals contract template for business; 30-day training template for fitness; the 3-month healthy living template for health, and so on.

12. Dropshipping Products

Do you want to sell things on your blog and do not want to deal with the logistics of shipment and inventory? Dropshipping is a fantastic way to sell things while minimizing your risk. Check at what many furniture stores have accomplished with this model!

13. Reviewing Products

Make contact with relevant companies and propose to review their products or services in exchange for money. Make it clear that a favorable review isn’t certain and that if you can’t really give one, you’ll refund their money.

14. Writing Informative Tutorials

Tutorials are excellent for generating links and social shares. They can, moreover, be an excellent way to monetize your blog. Involve affiliate links for the products you use in your walkthrough; promote your own merchandise in the tutorial; start writing a tutorial to promote an advertiser’s item just clarify that it’s a sponsored post.

15. Hosting webinars

Although many companies use them for lead generation, it is also possible to host paid webinars. Just ensure you’re delivering incredible value – with so many free webinars available, you’ll need to offer something truly unique if you want to take money for it.

16. Flip Your Blog /Website

You are well ahead of the majority of individuals if you know how to create a WordPress website. Entrepreneurs sometimes prefer to purchase pre-existing websites that they can use for their own businesses.

Once you can create a WordPress blog and get some visitors, you can sell it and profit from your work.

This needs an understanding of the types of websites in demand, as well as how to value and sell them. Flippa, for example, is a website that acts as an auction site and a broker for buying and selling websites.

17. Creating a Forum

One way to make a premium membership website is to set up secret forums to which users must pay to gain entry. Forums are an excellent way for your audience to receive personalized advice from you. Different community members can also connect and assist one another.

While maintaining a forum is time-consuming, a paid forum is an excellent method to generate recurring income from your WordPress site.

18. Selling Ebooks

When it comes to generating digital items, ebooks are an easy choice. They’re not difficult to write and create. If you’ve been blogging for quite some time, you can compile a collection of your older entries and make them into a book.

After you’ve finished writing your ebook, you can use a service like Canva to make a cover and a PDF of the ebook.

19. Provide Freelance Services

You’re very much an authority in your field as a blogger. As a freelancer, you can actually earn money by offering your talents and skills.

Freelancing is a popular technique to monetize because it does not involve any significant time or financial investment. You can simply begin marketing your services to your current visitors.

20. Make a resource page

Lists of resources inform your readers about the tools, products, and services you use and/or suggest. They’re a fantastic way to give a useful service to your viewers while simultaneously generating revenue through affiliate links or paid placements. Just make sure to mention which links you profit from and which ones you don’t.

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