7 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online and Get Paid Fast in a Day Or Two

It's never been this... quick and easy to get money! With all the requirements you have, having an income source that's constant might be great, right?
Well, read on and you'll find out 7 methods you can earn cash, 7 days a week, and get paid quickly in 2-3 days.
These are all easy ways for you to make money from your home's comfort. You are assured of payment since all of these are genuine ways to earn money online.

1. Get Paid To Watch Videos
This is an unusual way to make money from watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, referring to friends, and more.
You'll earn Swagbucks after completing a task, which can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, prizes and more. Swagbucks is a highly respected site accessible to multiple countries such as the U.S., UK, CA and more. Best of all, you'll also get $5 to sign in!

2. Get Paid To Review Music
This is a fascinating way to earn money, as basically your opinion counts! Multiple times a week, you get to state your opinion on music tracks and enjoy your money. Slice the Pie is my best music review site of all time and the good thing is you get paid through Paypal every Tuesday and Friday. Since I signed up I have personally cashed out over $1,000.
Where to get started: On a daily basis, a track is sent to you and you give advice on whether it's a hit or a miss. You can also increase your profits by referring friends to Slice the Pie, yes, this pie isn't too big for you to enjoy on your own. You get to earn bonuses through their reviews.

3. Get Paid To Check Your Groceries and Get Fast Cashback
The iBotta app is a unique way to make money by scanning your receipts for foodstuffs. This free mobile app is available for iOs and devices running Android. Payments are forwarded to my Paypal account within minutes.

4. Get Paid To Do Quick Online Tasks
Amazon Mechanical Turk is a site where you could make money through HITs and hit it big. HITs seem to be Intelligent Human Tasks. There are fundamental questions which need an answer. There are some tasks that computers can't perform and that is where you come in. Working is fun too, because you choose the task you are interested in.
The tasks available include:

    Playing games, and More!

You can even pick where you are going to work, and the time you are going to work. Upon completing the tasks and approving the requestor, the funds will then be transferred to your Amazon Payments account in the shortest possible time. You can cash out via check.

5. Get Paid To Share Your Thoughts
In Prizerebel, your opinion matters and by answering questionnaires you also get to count some money. It's fast, easy and quick to register and you get paid through PayPal. You get cash as soon as you finish registering-$1 will be sent to you once this process is complete.

The funds are sent immediately to your bank, the maximum time being 72 hours.

Prizerebel is one of my favorite side earners of all time, among other popular cash-paid survey sites

6. Get Paid To Complete Tasks In Your Town
The Field Agent app is available in devices running Android and Ios. All you need to do is look for tasks within your field, do the work, submit your findings details and wait for your money. These tasks are simple and include visiting stores and checking issues such as compliance with displays, demos and availability of shelves. From $3 to $12 each job that you can  earn.

All you need is to choose a task, and finish it within 2 hours. You can cash over at any time via Paypal, as long as your have a balance of least $2. Make the wise move , and earn some money with your smartphone. Go download its app.

7. Get Paid To Do Transcription Tasks
If you are fantastic at typing fast and translating, this is for you! By registering at Transcribe Me, you have to work on tasks in which you are expected to turn audios and videos into text. All you need is an internet connection a computer and your transcription abilities. It is easy to track your daily work, and it is in real time. As Soon as you have a minimum balance of $20, you can request money at any time. Payments are made with PayPal its fast and secure on every Thursday.