15 Simple and Best Ways To Make Money Online

Who wants the 9-5 grind and struggle to pay rent in a costly place like San Francisco or New York when you can make money online easily? Since your office can be anywhere  you open your laptop, there are more and more people quitting their daytime jobs to do remote work.

We have pretty much figured out some innovative ways that digital nomads have found to make money online, the international living website which has just released a new document detailing how expats travel around the world and earn a living  — to FlexJobs, which has recently published a story about the best fields for working remotely. The lesson, then? It's time to try something new and tear up the old rules.

1. Set Up an Online Course
Do you have any abilities you would like to share? International Living proposes to create an online course that includes written tutorials, PDF downloads and videos. For example, Rebecca Groskruetz made use of her talent for painting furniture to create a place where members can go at their own time. She sold 33 programs at $127 each, when she soft-launched the business. She sold 216 programs at $149 each, after making a bigger launch later in the same year. Its first year total sales: $36,475. Some online learning resources include TakeLessons, Skillshare and Udemy.

2. Tutor
Another way to put your skills to good use: become an internet tutor. The Cambly web site allows you to get paid to converse with people from all over the world. The program automatically tracks the time you have spent while you are doing the tutoring, paying $10.20 per hour. While that may not sound like a big deal, consider setting your own hours, working as little or wherever you want— and if you're living abroad $10.20 an hour could go a long way.

3. Become a Travel Advisor
Do you love sharing travel advice? Put your know-how to work and be a travel advisor. A place like The Travel Institute allows you to sign up for courses. Or you could just pay a small fee to a company like Cruise Planners, which recruits and trains consultants to work remotely not only in cruise organising, but in all kinds of journeys — on land and at sea. The company was founded in 1994 by a woman named Michelle Fee, who for the first three years didn't take a paycheck so she could invest back into the business. Now in its 25th year, with more than 2,500 franchisors, Cruise Planners is the nation's largest home-based travel agent franchise.

4. Let Somebody Pick Your Brain
Do you want people to pick your brain? You can get paid for this now. The Clarity website has curated a community of knowledgeable experts and thinkers in a vast array of fields that are sought out by fellow entrepreneurs. The site helps you get your time and counsel paid. Much easier than getting a cup of coffee refunded.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant
Are you resourceful and organised? You can make money as a virtual assistant by assisting people and businesses with tasks varying from data entry to research to customer service — the sky's the limit. The VANetworking website was established by a virtual assistant, and is packed with tips and work leads.

6. Sell Your Photos and Videos
If you're going to travel, you're probably surrounded by beautiful photo opportunities and now that digital cameras are widely available, photography and video can be a nice way to earn an income. Stock sites make uploading their work easy for photographers and video editors, then market it on your behalf and create residual income for you while you're off looking to shoot the next beautiful place. Stock submission agencies involve Shutterstock, Photoshelter, Fotolia and iStock.

7. Write an E-Book
Speaking of e-books, turning your knowledge into a platform that people will buy, creating a form of passive income, is a great way. Kindle also has a step-by-step guide to creating, publishing, and marketing an ebook.

8. Teach English
Most people assume you need to live abroad to teach English to learners from outside the country. But as GoOverseas.com pointed out, "With video messaging and conferencing becoming easier and more effective each year, teaching English classes online is another great way to support your life abroad or at home." Online English teaching rates can be as high as $22 an hour.

9. Create Software Reviews
You can get paid for creating reviews if you have strong opinions about software, whether positive or negative. SoftwareJudge.com is paying up to $50 for "tell-it - like-it-is, no advertising BS, straight talk software reviews," as they describe it.

10. Translate
Do you speak another language? Consider doing translating. "Translation positions are plentiful in an ever-melding world with more global travel among those who speak different languages,"says FlexJobs, which offers a sampling of available positions. The company Smartling also makes it easy to become a translator.

11. Get Crafty
Are you a crafty businessman? Everybody knows the Etsy website, which is a marketplace for handmade goods. But now, on sites like Amazon also, Handmade, ArtFire, Cargoh and more, you can sell your jewelry and other handmade wares too.

12. Create “How-To” Videos
Jump to the vlogging carriage on YouTube by creating video course on how-to topics. How do you earn a living? "When you have a loyal and committed following, you can start teaming up with brands that will pay a fee for mentioning or reviewing their product."

13.Get Paid for Online Searches and Surveys
The first one is easy: just add your browser to the Qmee site. Clicking on a search result will earn you money. You may also earn cash rewards for taking Qmee surveys online and sharing your views about brands.

14. Be a Freelance Designer
Are you a talented artist with know-how in areas such as graphics or web design? On the website 99Designs.com you could do what you love and get paid for it, which will enable you to become part of an overall community of designers and to bid for jobs.

Need more insights? Tons of general, freelance websites are packed with opportunities from businesses and small businesses. Some of these include Upwork.com, a website for contract workers in fields ranging from sales and marketing to customer support to auditing. Or you can market off your services on sites like Fiverr-whatever you offer. The site was created on the fact where you can charge $5 for anything.