How to Earn Extra Cash Doing Online Surveys

I believe the human nature wants to make money overnight, and it doesn't have to do much. Let's face it, mega-billionaires like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates haven't made money overnight and you won't either. You'll always have to work for your money until you win the lotto, or you receive a big inheritance.

If you've been looking for ways to make money online, you've probably come across doing cash surveys. While doing them you can make some decent money, I wanted to give you a simple guide to get you on the right track. This is a legit way to go free from scams. The last thing if you sign up with a company and get ripped off u dont really want.

Step 1: Have the mindset that you won’t make millions.
You've already seen those advertisements where you could make an hourly $1,000. This WON'T occur. I can't get enough attention on it. Although making this one month may be feasible, it will take a lot of work, as well as time. If you have this attitude, you'll consider the process a bit easier.

Step 2: Research the companies first.

There are lots of businesses online and I mean hundreds when I say this. Approximately 95 per cent was garbage. Find big companies like LightSpeed, Opinion Outpost and more to pay you decent money for legitimate surveys. You want to prevent websites filled with deals, instead of surveys. Here are some simple tips for the research:

Read online blogs to see what others have to say.
    Look up proof of payment. You are going to want to make sure that you get paid.
    Check the BBB. This is a BIG plus if they are enrolled and have good grade.
    See how many surveys you have on average to get. The more they have the better it is.

Step 3: How are you going to get paid?
 ignore any survey companies that pay you in tickets for the raffle. This is fraud right here. It's a polite way to tell you they want all the money to pocket and not pay you for your efforts. Instead, find companies that can either pay you via Paypal, or convert your points into cash.

Step 4: Get to know how the process works.
Again, in one article I can't explain all but I can give you the basics. Knowing the difference between surveys, and offering sites. Don't give up highly sensitive information like your Social Security number and more. The more that you know, the more that will help.

You won't make millions, however, if you get the right amount of referrals, you can make a thousand or so. Work is work and note money never grows easily