7 Smart Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

Were you going to use affiliate links to monetise your blog? Still, have no idea where your affiliate links can be marketed to drive the most sales?

If so, then you're at the correct place where I'll show you different areas to promote your affiliate links & generate as much revenue as possible. Continue reading... Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to monetize a blog

This accounts for 65-75 percent of the total income that most bloggers create. You don't have to think about making the products
Almost all of the products are already trusted by thousands of individuals and therefore have a lot of social proof You make money even while you're sleeping Isn't that awesome?

So, these are the 9 + smart places where you can promote links of the products to increase revenue

1.Blog posts
Yes, every creature blogging does that, but many of them don't really understand how to do it right. That's why they never produce a single sale in their lives.
You really ought to take care of such things to make it possible–most significantly create content that gives interests readers. Teach them anything interesting and encourage them to know more through this product Don't just copy and paste the link in the article, place them behind the text or phrases to make it look like a part of the material Use the link 2-3 times in a single post–in the middle of the article and eventually don't spill it all over the page.

In many ways, podcasts can truly make you a lot of money. Many of the top bloggers earn the most out of their podcasts from their affiliates.

If you are hosting your own podcast, all you have to do is introduce products and tools that you already are using.

Trying to suggest the products you already use vs. forcing a product you've not used is really a big difference.

You may build a narrative around the products and make the affiliate promotion appear organic rather than "sales."

3.YouTube Videos
Videos are truly a great tool for marketing and they function really well.

Speaking about a service vs. telling them how to use it could go a long way, as an affiliate marketer.
There are two primary ways to encourage the links with your YouTube videos to your affiliate–the simplest way to do that is to include them in your video description. When using this method, make sure that the link is used with the proper call to action.
The second way is by using annotations. These are nothing more than transparent boxes that appear within a YouTube video, sometimes with a call-to-action at preselected places and time.
 One can put the link in each box.

A forum is nothing more than a web site in which some people are asking questions while others answer. Forums (just like Quora) can be very useful in creating some good affiliate revenue if you place the links correctly.

Anything you have to do to look for questions about your affiliate product, write a decent descriptive answer and cleverly place your link inside the text.

For instance when someone asks "which would be the best blogger hosting provider?"To mention your own hosting provider, write some features, tell you use the provider yourself and highly recommend it, then place the link.

5.Free products + Course
Free products such as ebooks + courses are a wonderful way of offering value, building your list and inserting links where necessary. For example, if you've had a free 5-day email course to start a blog or something, you might include links to your hosting company or email marketing product.

6.Email Newsletters
How often did you hear that your most important asset is a mailing list? Many times I think... your subscribers are a part in your inner circle. And because they've signed in for receiving your emails, it means they believe you.

Another fantastic way to get your affiliate links in front of a committed audience is to email your list of the products and tools you use or the courses you have taken.

7.Social media
When it comes to getting more product sales, social media will play a key role in your marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways to encourage links to your affiliate site on major social media sites