5 Fastest Ways To Get ‘Free’ Money

Who wants free money? Here's how to make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, of ' free ' money this year and we don't talk about coupons. Here's exactly what you need to know.

 5 Ways to get money for ' free '

1. Refinancing Your Mortgage

 Now is a great time to refinance your mortgage if you have a mortgage. The average fixed mortgage of 30 years is less than 4%. You should get a 15 year mortgage if you want to pay off your mortgage more quickly.
 The monthly payments are going to be much higher but in total interest payments you will save money.

2. Consolidate Credit Card Debt
Americans owe credit card debt amounting to more than $1 trillion. Credit card interest rates are almost always higher than the student loan interest rates, combined with auto debt and mortgage debt. If you have credit card debt, but you want to lower your interest rate, one solution is to pay off credit card debt with a personal loan at a fixed rate. Personal loan rates start at 5.99 per cent today.

3. Repay Debt (With An Additional Payment)
What would you do with your Savings account having extra cash? One thing to do is to invest The other is debt payouts. Consider making a lump-sum payment. Use your money into paying off credit cards or paying off student loans in today's low interest rate environment. By paying off debt, you will earn a much higher financial return on your money as compared to leaving your money in a savings account.

4. Get a 0% APR Credit Card
A 0 per cent APR credit card is an interest-free loan that can last up to 12 months or more. You can convert your existing credit card debt balance to a new APR credit card of 0 per cent and pay no interest for a specified period.
 You can also make new transactions with an interest of 0 per cent. You'll only be responsible for creating the minimum monthly payment. A 0 percent APR credit card can save you massive interest costs on your existing credit card balance that you would otherwise have owed.
 Remember, before the no interest grace period ends, you'll need to pay off your credit card balance in full so you don't start incurring new interest costs.

5. Refinance Student Loans
Student loan refinancing just got extremely cheap, with refinancing rates for student loans now as low as 1.89%. Refinancing student loans could save you up to thousands of dollars, and possibly tens of thousands, on your student loans.

Let's assume, for example, that you have $70,000 of student loans at an interest rate of 8 percent and a repayment term of 10 years. You would reduce your monthly payment by $173 and save $20,804 in total payments if you refinance student loans with an interest rate of 3.0 per cent and a 10-year repayment term.
 If you're a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist with a high balance of student loans, your savings could be even greater.