11 Interesting Ways To Make Money – Out Of The Box Ideas!

In this Online World one of the best things in finding fun ways to make money.

Now, your full time job or popular gig economy websites may be a good way to bring in extra income, but maybe driving for Uber, delivering packages, or working a 9-5 job really isn't your cup of tea.

So, to show my support for some more out - of-the-box ways of making more money and mixing things up appropriately, I decided to compile a list of bizarre ways to make money.

Let's get on with it!

1.Celebrate Fiverr's Weird World
Whenever it comes to strange ways to make money, well nothing comes near to Fiverr's world.

Fiverr is a gig marketplace at which freelancers can offer a range of services for as low as $5, and the system is a fast and easy way to buy services without making to go through more professional websites like Upwork.

Several of Fiverr's most successful gigs include marketing work, programming, graphic design, or other services businesses may outsource, but Fiverr has lots of creative money makers as well.

2.Sell Niche Courses on Udemy
 Udemy is a popular site where visitors can learn virtually any skills by buying courses and the platform also enables educators to take advantage of making and selling content.

Udemy is very famous site for learning skills such as coding, SEO, math, website design, or other useful skills, and at $14.99, courses are often as cheap as that.

Although some of the many popular Udemy courses are saturated with material and have plenty of teachers, some creative Udemy educators have found their own niche content to advertise and have made lots of money.

3.Voice-Over Job & Script Reading
While landing a career as a professional voice over artist might be difficult, websites like Fiverr once more provide people with some very creative ways of making money.

You might be able to market your services and record sound clips for money if you have an accent, an interesting voice or can create your own persona.
I find the idea of' spend $5 and I'm going to record 30 seconds of me saying something ' concept to be highly appealing, because if you have sufficient business, your hourly rate would be very impressive indeed.
 Furthermore, even if business is not growing rapidly, gigs like this are the easiest $5 I've ever heard about.

4.Writing Reviews For Money
Although writing reviews for cash is a side hustle which falls into a gray area due to the rise of fraudulent reviews, it is evident that businesses are willing to pay good money for 5 star reviews and semi-honest feedback.

From Amazon listings to local Google My Business companies, reviews can have a big impact on how effective a product or business is online.

Hell, thanks to his reviews, this guy really became the number 1 ranked restaurant in all of Montreal according to Yelp and he didn't even have a restaurant!

Companies are willing to pay to defeat their competition and there's plenty of ways to offer cash-based review writing services.

5.Teching English Online
If you're a native English speaker, you might never have known that just casually chatting with ESL students from all over the world can make money online!

Virtual teaching jobs provide a huge industry, and websites such as VIPKID or EF Education First pay from $15-$25/hour to their most professional tutors for their work.

ESL tutoring work usually serves Asian markets, therefore teachers in Europe or North America will have to modify and wake up early to fit their students ' local time.
 Nevertheless tutoring is actually a fun and efficient way of making money!

6. Flip things such as ‘Freebies’ from Local Classifieds
No-one likes to take things to the dump. It's pricey, moving stuff or bulky items is frustrating and if you're in the middle of a move, taking time to sell off your assets can be difficult.

Since it can be so difficult to get rid of items, there is always a range of free stuff on local classifieds.
In my area, a quick search helped bring up a bunch of free outdoor furniture, sports equipment, sofas, dining sets and other items in fairly good shape.
You never know, though, when you're going to strike it big and find a suitable piece of furniture or something else and selling it fast for just $50 or $100. Just remember: be picky.

7.Standing in Line
Often, the Internet baffles my mind. Did you guys know that you can actually make money with platforms like Task Rabbit just by standing up for somebody in line? Of course I didn't.

If a new iPhone drops or tickets are on sale for a special event, people are supposed to crowd the streets in busy cities, and some people are paying a decent hourly wage in order to prevent the difficulty of waiting around.

When you have nothing better to do and need a little easy money, then I would suggest that you take a look at Task Rabbit!

8.Selling Internet Bandwidth
When you have unused internet bandwidth in your house, that surplus computing power can actually be sold to networks that operate as VPNs or cloud distribution networks!

Websites such as Fluidstack have made it easier to make up to $50 a month by just leasing out your internet power, and while I'm a little uncomfortable with letting others use my IP, this is certainly one unique money making idea.

9. Flipping Domains
You can switch to domain flipping instead of flipping the real estate to buy and sell worthwhile website names for a profit!

Domain flipping is a very demanding process which takes a long time, patience and luck. There are domain flippers, however, there are many who are making thousands in flips and using this innovative money maker as their main source of revenue.

With money you can't afford to risk, I wouldn't get into this line of work, but it's certainly an interesting industry!

10. Evaluating Search Engines
Were you aware that you can probably work for companies like Google to increase the quality of their search engines?

Search engines aren't flawless, and it's up to search engine examiners to review search terms and ads manually to see for contradictions (like the 6 legged lion) or places that can be changed for the better.

There are many firms hiring examiners around the world right now, and the pay is around $14-$16/hour!

11.Renting out your Friendship
It is definitely possible to make money on websites like RentAFriend.com by renting out your friendship / time.

Rent A Friend helps connect with people for' platonic friendships ' purposes, and friends can make $10-$20 per hour while enjoying some (hopefully) good company or whatever is involved in the hangout session (dinner, movies, weddings, etc.) I was suspicious that people truly use services such as this, but a quick google search of the friends available in Toronto actually returned a suprise.