25 Quick Paying Survey Sites With Lowest Minimum Payout

The time when you have to make money fast by taking paid surveys and sharing your opinion, you don’t want a delay for months to get your money.
On few of the survey sites, it takes a lot of time to reach the payout threshold and eligible to get your money.

Here are 25 quick paying survey sites with lowest minimum payout

The list below consists of not only survey sites with a low minimum payout, but also consists of sites that make it easy to reach the payout threshold, as they have a decent amount of opportunities.
The particular opportunities on each site can differ from country to country, but in general these are the survey sites that will help you to get money fast. To increase your likelihoods of earnings, it is always good to join many sites, as they all have different opportunities.

1. Swagbucks
Payout threshold: $2

Swagbucks is one of the world’s most widespread survey site and online prize portals, and for a good reason. It has a very low payout requirement for some rewards, and you can get paid fast when you have made $2 – $3. The precise payout threshold is greater for some rewards. You can get paid by PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or choose between various other gift cards.
On Swagbucks its very easy to get to the payout requirement. Firstly, you can get a $5 joining bonus, if you join through an invitation link (like the one below), and it also provides you sufficient chances to earn by taking surveys,  offers, surfing the net, shopping online, watching videos, free contests, and much much more.

2. PrizeRebel
Payout threshold: $5

PrizeRebel is one more great survey site with many opportunities. It has a low payout requirement that is very easy to reach. You can easily get paid when you have made $5 – you can also get paid through PayPal after reaching the minimum threshold, which is great. There are many other rewards and gift cards to choose from.
Furthermore to earning on surveys, you can also make money by watching videos, taking offers, finding free promo codes, participating in free contests, inviting friends, and much more.

3. ClixSense
Payout threshold: $10

On ClixSense now known as ysense, the main way to make money is by doing surveys and small online tasks. The minimum payout threshold is $10, which is not very demanding to reach, as the site offers  vastly good amount of opportunities for many countries.
The way you can get paid through is Payoneer, Dwolla, Skrill, Tango Card, or check.
Adding to surveys and tasks, you can also make money by taking offers from the different offer walls, where there are a lot of chances, and you can get a day-to-day bonus if you have done a certain amount of work. You can join almost anywhere from the world, and Ysense (ClixSense) has amazing opportunities for most countries.

4. Toluna
Payout threshold: $10
Toluna Influencers is basically a survey site that is really easy to use. The payout minimum is about $8 but can change a bit based on the country you live in. It is extremely easy to reach the minimum threshold, as Toluna typically offers numerous survey opportunities every day.
Amazing thing about Toluna is that it has local domain sites in countries across the world that means you can join the site in your own local language and attempt surveys in your local language too.

5 Superpay.Me 
Payout threshold: $1
Superpay.me is basically a survey site with one of the lowest payout requirement in here. You can cash out when you reach $1, which you can easily achieve just by doing 1 or 2 surveys.
You can get paid with PayPal, Skrill, or Bitcoin . The payout requirement threshold is not only very small but you also will receive the payout within few hours after requesting them, now that is very fast,
 So it is safe to say Superpay.me is one of the quickest and fastest paying survey site

6. Offernation
Payout threshold: $1

With this site Offernation, the idea is simple: complete surveys and make money. In most of the cases, you are paid the same day, although sometimes, it may take up to 30 days to get credit for the survey. You can also do online tasks to make money from the site. The site offers lots of new surveys and tasks every day, the means you always have something to work on.
You can make more money by referring your friends. You receive 25 percent of whatever they earn for life.
The minimum payout threshold is low: just $1. Offernation sends you the money via PayPal the same day you request cash out

7. Rewarding Ways
Payout threshold: $1
The website for RewardingWays has same look and feel when compared to Offernation and Superpay.me. The idea is also the similar: complete surveys and tasks in return for cash. The minimum payout threshold is only $1.
You can request payout at any time once you touch that minimum threshold. Sometimes you get paid numerous times a day.
 Receiving payment is fast and easy and done via PayPal.
Very much similar to Superpay.Me, RewardingWays uses a points system. One point is equal to 1 cent. Make 100 points and you have made your first dollar.
Like Offernation, the site has amazing referral program. Refer your friends and you get 25 percent of their earnings lifetime.

8. PineCone Research
Payout threshold: $3
PineCone Research is a one of a kind survey panel, you can join the site only through an invitation link. The countries that are available varies, and most of the time only has limited spots open every month, so if you don’t find link to join for now, it is worth trying at the beginning of coming month.
It is no doubt one of the highest paying survey sites, as you earn a minimum of $3 per survey, and you can request a cashout when you have made $3, it is fast to get your money  and it basically pays immediately.

9. Opinion Outpost
Payout threshold: $5
Opinion Outpost is another survey site that is simple to use, as soon as you join you will start receiving survey invitations.
You will receive moderate amount of surveys in the beginning, it is great because it will not take much effort to complete surveys. Furthermore to taking surveys, you will take part in their quarterly lottery where they give big cash prizes.
The minimum cash out threshold is $5 so it is pretty low, and you can receive your money via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or other gift cards subject to the country you stay in.

10. Survey Junkie
Payout threshold: $10

Survey Junkies is an amazing survey site with considerable amount of surveys. The only thing is, it is only available in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.
The most important way to earn is by completing paid surveys but many a times you can also be invited to high-paying focus groups, phone interviews, and much more.
It has a equally low minimum cashout threshold of $10 which must not take a long time to reach on Survey Junkie.

11. GrabPoints
Payout threshold: $3

GrabPoints has numerous earning opportunities and has a low cashout threshold of only $3, so you can very get paid rapidly here. If you join the site from the link below, you will get 50 cent joining bonus.
You can earn by completing surveys, watching videos, taking offers, inviting friends, downloading apps, and a lot more. It is cool to use, and you can join the site from any country.
You can get paid via PayPal, Skrill, or select between many gift cards, if you want to join fast paying survey sites, this is absolutely the one you should consider.

12. Quick Rewards
Payout threshold: no minimum cashout
QuickRewards Network was started in 2002 and open to residents 18 years of age and older who are from USA, UK, and Canada.
It is a GPT Program site where you can make money from taking surveys, shopping, playing games, and more. Receive your prizes shortly after you have completed them.

13. Mindswarms
Payout threshold: no minimum cashout

If you don’t like filling out surveys but if you love watching videos and make money doing that, you’re going to love this one!
MindSwarms has video based surveys. Every singlevideo survey contains about 7 questions that you can answer from anywhere in 5 to 20 minutes.
MS is one of the top paying survey sites.
How much do they pay per video survey?
An enormous $50!
The best thing is you get paid in PayPal within 24 hours which if you compare to other sites seems like instantaneous payment.
MindSwarms is a genuine company that not only has some of the top paying surveys, but it’s also one of the quickest paying survey sites.
This is one of the site you don’t want to let it go!

14.  EarnAbly
Payout threshold: $1

Earnably is yet another GPT site. GPT means (Get PAID TO). GPT site has a little more than PTC sites.
It offers everyone the platform for giving the opinion on products, offers surveys, referring other friends to the program, Watch videos, Download Apps and win contests.

15. Instagc
Payout threshold: $1

InstaGC is another survey site with very less minimum cash out, as you can request your payment when you have made $1.
It is a site that is really simple to use, and anyone can join it around the world. Nevertheless, it has most of the opportunities for English-speaking countries, but will moreover have some for other countries. The question why it is not higher on the list is because, it does not provide that many opportunities when compared to other sites. Still it becomes easy to reach the minimum payout of only $1.
Furthermore to completing surveys, you can also make money by watching videos, doing online offers, clicking ads, guessing sports results, and much more. You get paid via PayPal and gift cards.

16. Ipsos i-Say
Payout threshold: $1
Ipsos i-Say has its website targetted in the local language in around 100 countries. The cashout minimum is around $10, but in some countries it is a bit higher.
It is a survey site that is legitimately easy to use, and it gives a good amount of survey chances. In some countries, they also have a reliability program, where you will get bonuses to be active on the site.
It does not give as many opportunities as different survey sites on this list, but it is manageable. The payout methods that are available is based on the country you live in. In most of the countries, you can get paid through PayPal, and if that option is not available, you can pick up your favorite gift cards.

17. Viewfruit
Payout threshold: $5
Viewfruit has precise survey panels for around 32 countries in thier local language, which makes it very accessible, and it provides a good amount of surveys. In many of the countries it has a low cashout threshold of $5, so you can cash out your money out fast.
Doing Surveys is the key  to earn on Viewfruit, but you can also make money by inviting friends, and you even get tickets for the lucky draw even when you do not succeed for a survey.
In many countries, the only way to get paid is through PayPal.

18. SurveySavvy
Payout threshold: $1
This survey website like many other only wants you to have $1 in your balance, which you can easily earn by doing just one survey.
You can also join SavvyConnect, the mobile app that gathers data about your phone and internet habit for market research purposes; you get an extra $5 a month for that.

19. BrandedSurveys
Payout threshold: $10
On this site there are many ways you can cash out from like you can choose from VISA, Amazon, PayPal, it rewards with only $10 in your account.
This site associates with several other top survey panels, too, so there’s typically never a shortage of surveys to go around.

20. My Points
Payout threshold: $5
MyPoints is a well-known survey site that was established in 1996. MyPoints is a rewards program website where members can gather reward Points by doing online purchases from assured retailers, take surveys, watch videos and more. It is also a site that gives many other ways of gathering incentives for great gifts. With MyPoints, earn prizes for doing what you already do online.
One can redeem their points with the following:
Gift Cards: minimum 700 Points ($5) required. Redeem your points for a wide selection of gift cards such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, JC Penny, and more.
Cash: Get your cash payout by paypal.

21. E-Poll
Payout threshold: $5
E-Poll offers a range of rewards, including gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy and more. They also allow you to donate your points to charity.
If you have  a minimum of 2750 points in your account, you can redeem your points for a reward. One can choose from a wide variety of gift cards to retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Sears, Gamestop and more. Prizes typically take 6-8 weeks to be handled.
If you select to cash out via PayPal, make sure your email address is the same with whatever email is associated with your PayPal account.
The points you collect never expire! All rewards are received automatically; however they are not distributed instantly and can take 1 week to payout.

22. Consumer Village
Payout threshold: $5
This website Consumer Village pays in tokens for surveys.
When you get to 500 tokens, you can cash out $5 with a check or an Amazon gift card.
The site also has charity donations open as a reward, or you can redeem points for sweeps entry to get  other prizes.

23. Dollar Clix
Payout threshold: $5
DollarClix is a get-paid-to website that gives people various ways to make money online. You can earn by answering surveys, watching videos, online radio listening, testing apps, playing games, and much more.
The site pays you in points every time you complete a task. The points you earn can be exchanged for various rewards like cash, gift cards, Bitcoins, and more.
You can answer surveys, watch videos, complete offers, and more. This will easily let you to touch the minimum requirement to redeem for rewards faster.
A good thing about this site DollarClix is that it offers various rewards, to let you to select which reward you want to receive for your effort and time. You can pick to get paid in cash, Bitcoins, or gift cards.
It’s also good thing that DollarClix is accessible worldwide and joining the site is free and simple.

24. Surveytime
Payout threshold: $1
Surveytime is  an awesome  because it truly is a global survey site. It offers  vast amount of paid surveys in almost all countries. You just have to see to it you take a small survey during the sign-up process and then you will get entree to the available surveys.
It is a survey site that pays instantaneously. Whenever you have taken a survey, you select your reward and you will get the prizes right away. So it is certainly one of the quickest paying survey sites.
With each survey you get $1 and you can get paid through PayPal and in some countries, you can also choose gift cards.

25. Survey Rewardz
Payout threshold: $1
Survey Rewardz is one of the sites with the lowermost payout threshold. You can cash out when you have made $1, and you can get paid through PayPal, prepaid Visa, or check.
The reason it is not mentioned higher on the list is because even though you can get paid very fast but it often takes a bit of time to get the surveys you qualify for.
With a bit of tolerance, it nevertheless has a good amount of opportunities. You can sign up for the site from all countries, but the quantity of available surveys will differ from country to country.